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An international education partnership establishing connection between individuals,  communities & the natural world

“An Adult Education project creating a sustainable resource of a publicly usable trails that provide communities and individuals with opportunities to experience & deepen their sense of understanding and appreciation of the natural world upon which human society is constructed.

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Green Bridges & The Covidian Pandemic

  • Following the initial disruption caused by the unexpected withdrawal (before the project began) of the Polish partner, the partners agreed, at their first transnational meeting in Iasi, a replacement.
  • During the 3 months following the meeting excellent progress was made by partners with their initial work plans.
  • A new Polish partner was formally approved approved at the end of February 2020.
  • On March 10th the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic occurred & on 12th March the planned Workshop meeting in UK (17th – 20th March) was formally abandoned – and ultimately, cancelled.
  • The partnership continued with virtual meetings & in May 2020 began to devise new ways of developing the project.
  • The original educational framework & development methodology proved suitable & together, with committed partners, provided a resilience capable of overcoming the unpredictable & nationally varied nature of the unremitting impact of the pandemic.
  • The restructuring is reflected by this web site with results presented in 3 separate sections
  • The Project Progress
  • Development programmes
  • Tangible Outputs
  • These sections provide information on the manner in which the partners successfully worked together & completed, within unanticipated & ‘waves’ of constraints, the aims that the project proposal had stated.
  • The web site was created at the start of the project as a ‘live’, regularly updated platform, disseminating information & reports of partnership activities.
  • some of the pages have (intentionally) retained their ‘present tense’ presentation

Green Bridges: The Future

  • The concepts & ideas underlying & embodied in the Green Bridges Project came from a combination of pre-existing long-term social & environmental interests & actions of 2 of the partners.
  • As an Erasmus Plus funded project, the project is formally complete but the funding provided has created opportunities for continuing shared development.
  • The project was structured around creation of a publicly usable ‘resource’, ‘The Green Way’, designed to have lasting community & environmental benefit.
  • During the final Green Bridges meeting in Spilinga, Italy, 3 partners agreed to continue the practically based relationship established in 2016 with the previous Erasmus Plus ‘Arboreal Futures’ project.
    • The focus to be the development of the social, community & environmental benefits of the Green Ways.
  • Other Green Bridges partner have also indicated that they will continue to maintain the broader relationships that have origins in shared partnerships created in 2005.
  • As the activities evolve, so will this web site, as it continues to represent & disseminate the future work of the Green Bridges Project.

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