Action Planning in Iasi

The arrival of the pandemic caused disruption of the project for all partners. The group in Iasi used time during their enforced isolation to develop virtual plans, with maps of potential routes.

The first was in the hills and woodland south of Iasi

At the time of planning not visit was possible but the details of a potential journey were created

click the link to view

Dana’s virtual journey – Poiana cu schit

Making the Virtual real

From Vision to Adventure


During a period of relaxation of restrictions in the summer members of ASIE developed the ideas they had created – and created small group explorations & individual actions.

The first, below, became the focus of group attention, the second (created as a virtual journey Dobrovăț) was realised as a family adventure & a third is a personal ‘green’ daily adventure.

The adventure to Poiana cu schit can be viewed in full here

Family Excursion

The full excursion can be viewed here

Adventuring the Normal

The Cycle Journey can be viewed here

The second and third journeys are outlines and ready for further development once the opportunity arises.

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