Schedule: 2021

During January 2021 plans a series of workshop meetings with were developed to ensure that the project maintained progress on the original project purposes.

This plan was regularly ipdated

All recorded below

July meetings update:

Whilst some practical and individual work was possible, there were considerable limitations due to the continuing social distancing and isolation in partner localities combined with the uncertain prospect regarding full, physical, partner meetings.

Dates for virtual meetings were agreed and an outline schedule which, when Covid restrictions were removed at local level, allowed for practical outdoor work & group activities.

The first schedule was presented in February with updates as required

The 4th update was created at the end of May, allowing for partners to discuss their plans for the final months of the project – with potential for alteration of autumn sections should restrictions caused by the pandemic been lifted sufficiently.

A third, update, presented here was distributed after the successful 3+ hour seminar meeting in mid March

The earlier (February) schedule was accompanied with a plan covering the partnership workshop meetings for Spring 2021

The original February Schedule with summary early March update

A March update was produced
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