Eveliina Asikainen

Eveliina Asikainen, senior lecturer in Tampere University of Applied Sciences:

Ecology, forestry, urban nature, environmental engineering, sustainability project-management),

also a member of municipal council of Sastamala (Green Party).

Eveliina discusses:

  • The origins of her interest in environmental issues – through an enthusiastic biology teacher and school Nature Club
  • Her work in enhancing sustainability actions at Tampere University & in the Sastamala community
  • Successes in developing participatory democracy and the practical issues associated with municipal forest management.
  • Her greatest disappointments which underscore a commonly held concern of environmentalists everywhere – that concerning Land Use Planning and the associated grindingly slow process of encouraging local authorities to develop their professed ‘carbon-neutral’ aims.

Eveliina’s links to other organisations focus on the following activities:

  • Leading group walks, hikes & nature expeditions
  • An intense personal relationship with ‘nature’ through walking and gardening
  • She also expresses a feeling of intimacy with flowing water – knowing the places where this occurs in the depths of a frozen Finnish landscape & experiencing the rapids produced by the annual ‘snow melt’ & the ability to ‘walk on water’ across a frozen lake..

Amongst the important moments and activities with which Eveliina has been associated  are 

demonstrations against Nuclear Power development

Citizen Initiatives on issues such as mineral extraction/mining.

campaigning & lobbying the national parliament.

The impact of such efforts has a major by-product on those involved as they are ‘Empowering Activities’ for those involved.

Celebrations: sharing, for example the 40th  Anniversary of the organisation Birdlife Finland – such events create a special Connectivity & Togetherness

Eveliina highlights, at several points, a key element in the creation of events for those that work on a Common Purpose – the Coming-Together  & sharing of individual passion & group activities.

A crucial element that has been missing from this Green Bridges project

Eveliina is now moving on with her work, leaving the City Council & developing activities related to Agenda 2030.

At the end of the interview Eveliina makes the valuable point that being interviewed has allowed her to engage in personal reflection.

Her message to the Green Bridges partnership is that we work to create a ‘holistic perspective’ for sustainability & environmental action.

Her life as an environmental scientist, teacher, activist, & politician concerned with ensuring appropriate human relationships with ourselves & others, stands as a good example of what that ‘holistic’ approach requires.

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