January 2021: Developing the Green Ways

Providing a route map & background information of the Green Way are project requirements and part of the Tangible Results & Outputs.

O2. A publicly usable map of the route
O3. Images & information

The aim is to have available, online, information for anyone wishing to make their own journey along the Green Way. This information could also be printed and available as ‘hard copy’ for marketing purposes (‘fliers’ available to the public)

In January partners made draft presentations of their routes and including general information.

These presentations provided the basis of further partnership work on creating material that, though varied due to local context and use, has a project coherence, focusing on the environmental aspects of the Green Way trail.

The Virtual Partnership meeting focused on the background purposes of such products

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The draft presentations submitted before the meeting were combined into one presentation:

All the presentations ignored the style advised in the low-quality UK request & produced as drafts, work of considerably higher quality.

They can be viewed below or on this link

The Romanian contribution was a re-presentation of an exploratory journey made in the summer 2020 previously added to the web site

An example of a simple leaflet was also shared with partners

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