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Progress Summary

The Green Bridges project began in November 2019.

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November 2019

(Without the replacement Polish partner who, following withdrawal of original PL partners) had yet to be an approved member of the partnership


March 2020

The First LTTA Meeting:

In March 2020 preparations for the major 4 day Workshop meeting in the UK were complete and all partners (including Poland) had finalised their travel and accommodation reservations.

At which point the virus known as SARS-CoV-2 arrived and a pandemic was declared.

By 12th March the Workshop meeting had been formally cancelled.

The project began a very different journey from that originally planned.

they drew nigh to a very miry slough that was in the midst of the plain: and they being heedless, did both fall suddenly into the bog. The name of the slough was Despond. Here, therefore, they wallowed for a time, being grievously bedaubed with the dirt;” John Bunyan: Pilgrim’s Progress

Pandemic Times

A Social Scourge

After only 3 months of the partnership the work was disrupted. An event unparalleled, in Europe, in recent times.
The word ‘scourge’ – with ancient origins relating to binding is from the Old French “escorgier”: “to whip”.
That implies an action designed to inflict pain.
The emergence of the virus ‘COVID-19’ in China in December 2019 did exactly that. It was (is) exquisite in its nature, causing not just direct physical personal pain and death but personal and social disruption across most of the globe.
A catastrophe.

The partnership, no longer able to meet physically, began to devise actions that both related to the unexpected disruption & the project theme

August 2020

Adjusting to the ‘New Reality’

Proposals created in June & July by the Coordinating Agency was to produce, during June & July, a series of possible activities.

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Coordinators completing an all-night planning session

During the summer the realities of the pandemic became clear – that despite the relaxation of social isolation, there would be a return to full isolation & for an extended period, throughout the winter.

The partnership, whilst retaining a hope that physical meeting would eventually become possible, re-developed its programme in order to ensure appropriate project momentum

During August the plans were enhanced and an Autumn Work Programme, with reporting, was published containing the earlier (above) information from later Spring

The project was producing a variety of reports which continued throughout the project

A pattern of productive monthly meetings had been established & following a formal positive assessment response from the 1st Interim Assessment a similar work pattern was continued.

November/December 2020

The 2nd Interim Report, & partners shared a variety of festive recipes & decorations


Completion of the Tangible Outputs became the focus of most of the work.

The details of this work is covered by the Development Programmes section of the web site.

The partnership regularly updated their schedules to reflect external factors

January: Workshop on Outputs 2 & 3

The meeting included a ‘hosting presentation from Sastamala Community College (FI)

February: Strategy meeting with discussion on Assessment of 2nd Interim report

March: Workshop – Collaborative Working Seminar

April: Workshop – O5 Creative Activities: draft proposals

Parasol (PL) acted as host & made a presentation

May: Workshop – O7 Stories

The partners had agreed to change the story element to interviews with local environmentalists

June: Workshop – Presenting creatives activities (O5) to be performed during the summer period

July: Workshop – Best Practice

August: Strategy meeting Assessing Progress

September: Assembling Results & meeting discussion re: October meeting in Spilinga, Italy

At beginning of September some of the complex international quarantine rules were relaxed & a physical meeting became possible


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