Sastamala: Sites and Sights

A map of routes around the town.

interactive map

Green Bridges in Sastamala

Sastamala Community College will start the Green Bridges activities in the autumn 2020. We are taking advantage of the unique natural landscape of the nordic forests and natural shores in Sastamala. The activities will be included in the college’s regular semester schedule. The activities and courses of the Sastamala Community College are planned twice a year, in November (for the spring semester) and in April (for the autumn semester). Therefore the college will have the main Green Bridges activities during the autumn semester 2020 and spring semester 2021. Main focus will be in organizing courses, as it is the main field of operation at the Sastamala Community College.


  1. The Green Bridges route around the centre of Sastamala (spring 2020-autumn 2021): The route will follow the natural shore pathways. The plan is to organize courses and events utilizing the route, combining nature and cultural activities, as well as emphasizing the wellbeing and brain health effects of nature. So far we have created the virtual map of the route (using Google Maps) with photos (via link above)
  2. Green Bridges courses (autumn 2020-spring 2021) in the amazing Ellivuori -area. Yoga and mindfulness, ”Metsämieli” (forestmind) –method. Forestmind is an innovation system of mental skill exercises designed to utilize and intensify the natural healing effects of forests. The group of participants will function as an evaluation group for the upcoming activities of the project.  You can read more about the Forestmind method here
  3. Picture journal (spring 2020): Created in the COVID-19 –situation. The picture journal reports one major consequence of the corona-connected restrictions in Finland: increasing amount of time spent in nature. As difficult and challenging the situation is, there are also some outcomes that can be considered positive The limited possibilities have ended up creating green bridges between humans and the nature.  
  4. Journey to distance work place (spring 2020): On 3rd of April 2020 Sastamala Community College was celebrating ”Walk to work”-day. The College was sharing humorous virtual journeys of it’s employees ”work trips” on social media platforms Facebook and Instagram.
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