Pandemic Times: Partnership Reflections

The Green Bridges Partners held regular meetings during the period of social isolation.

After the 2nd such meeting in early April 2020 the Italian partner decided to “contact professional figures asking them to express an opinion on the impact that the Covid-19 had on nature and man.”

The results from 5 individuals were controversial & stimulating.

They are deeply personal and included accounts from the centre of the Italian outbreak which included ‘Le Quattro Scuse’:

Scusa Terra per la presunzione di ogni essere umano vivente e vissuto.

Scusa Terra per aver devastato i tuoi campi e i tuoi oceani.

Scusa Terra per aver sterminato milioni di animali.

Scusa Terra per non averti considerato come un figlio deve fare nei confronti di una madre. Con amore e gratitudine.

Dal punto di vista più egoisticamente umano cosa osservo? Perdite!

Sorry Earth for the presumption of every human being that is living and that lived.
Sorry, Earth, for destroying your fields and oceans.
Sorry Earth for killing millions of animals.
Sorry Earth for not considering you as a son must do towards a mother. With love and gratitude.

From the most selfishly human point of view, what do I observe? Losses!

A complete copy of the Italian Reflections are available here or with this link

There were also contributions from local children – Green Bridges with a pandemical aspect

The partners had already been using WhatsApp to present ‘Views from a Window’ and following the Italian Reflections other reflective work occurred

Romania and Iasi in pandemic times – short overview

The overview included pictures and brief comments:

for example:


The full account can be downloaded here or read by scrolling the section below

Another report came from Lithuania:

Quarantine LT

LT pic

The full report be be read by scrolling the section below or can be downloaded here

Click to access quarantine-lt.pdf

A further reflection was presented from the UK

A Land of Milk and Honey(bourne) in Pandemic Times.


The reflections can be read by scrolling the text below or downloaded here

From Finland, a photo journal

And from Poland a video highlighting the sense that some journeys may not involve great physical distance – but can be significant at a very personal level:

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