Coordination: Thoughts & Reflection in August 2020

August 2020

By the end of June and through July it became clear that it would be very difficult to predict when any physical partnership meetings could be planned.

The following statements were published & a series of Briefing Papers were issued

During the history of EU supported & funded education programmes (since 1994) there has been no parallel situation to that which applies in 2020.

Not surprisingly therefore, advice regarding coordination has been, at best, limited.

We are (rather delightfully) ‘making it up as we go along’.

For anyone who has anarchic tendencies (of a positive sort), this is a wonderful ‘field of play’ in which to operate.

But not necessarily easy for partners & coordinators.

Green Bridges is a project about creating metaphorical & physical routes. It is therefore not inappropriate to imagine that at present it is a ‘rough road’ along which the partnership travels.

The pressures on the usual advisory National Agencies seems to have reduced the availability of advice.

Green Bridges in its own partnership journey thus seems to be, for the present, creating and treading its own path. Presumably other similar partnership projects are doing the same – and maybe in time we may discover others making their way through the forest and the ‘sloughs and mires’.

The project has a practical intention delivered by groups. This became impossible for at least 4 of the partners.

Coordination during Pandemical Times

A reflection

During late July and August 2020 an attempt made to produce an explanatory document that outlines some of the major issues facing the project.

The lengthy document is largely ‘reflective’ and is not definitive.

It contains both a summary of the situation in August 2020, reflections about the whole project process & indications & proposals on management issues.

It suggests that, in August, there are “4 Issues of Partnership Concern” and outlines some of the details.

Reflections, thoughts & proposals:

Pathways Coordination Consultative Committee in solemn convocation:
Please click on the image to open the document & join in their deliberations
‘Coordination in Pandemical Times

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