Tangible Outputs

The Green Bridges project aims to create a series of outputs also called the 7 Tangible Results (‘7TRs’) which become part of a ‘Bridging Process’ between communities, between people and their local natural environment, between local communities & a wider European network.

The 7 Tangible Outputs are:

O1. A publicly accessible ‘Green Way’
O2. A publicly usable map of the route
O3. Images & information
O4. Best Practice Guide
O5. Creative environmentally related educational Activities on/associated with the Green Way
O6. Demonstrable practical skills (thus tangible)
O7. Stories related to the Green Bridges theme

A description of each of the 7 Tangible Results can be viewed here

The emphasis on 7TRs places the project between being a simple ‘exchange of good practice’ and that of ‘Innovation’. The Green Bridges project thus conforms to EU Erasmus+ aims:

Strategic Partnerships supporting exchange of good practices

The primary goal is to allow organisations to develop and reinforce networks, increase their capacity to operate at transnational level, share and confront ideas, practices and methods. Selected projects may also produce tangible outputs and are expected to disseminate the results of their activities, although in a way that is proportional to the aim and scope of the project. “

Erasmus Plus Programme Guide 2019 p101

The 7TR will be produced by local action based on core principles relating to the environment & natural world and development of increased social cohesion & well-being.

The local actions will be

  • shared as part of an ‘exchange of good practices’
  • used by the whole partnership to create & publish a corporate result representative of a ‘European’ engagement.
  • available in final form (online & downloadable) as examples & where appropriate, guides, to any interested party.

Partner reports produced in the autumn have demonstrated the potential for group outputs ‘grown’ & realised during the restrictions


  • ASIE created & delivered a simple & effective working process

The process is capable of being developed with partners & published as a partnership output.

All results & outputs of the partnership cooperation will be published & accessible on this site and elsewhere

The Green Bridges web site forms part of the final product in that it contains considerable detail of the manner in which the partnership has developed its processes in order to achieve its original purposes.

The 7TRs will be added as attachments to this page.

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