The UK partner is based in Dyffryn Ceri, in Mid Wales

The immediate communities are scattered in isolated settlements along Dyffryn Ceri (the Vale of Kerry) & amongst the folds in the surrounding hills.

D Ceri

The plans for local activities highlighting specific natural features began during the Arboreal Futures Project that preceded ‘Green Bridges’

The first public action of Green Bridges occurred with the now annual Apple Wassailing (detailed explanation here).

Project supporters and the local community gathered in mid January in an area known as ‘The City’.

A hidden settlement

1 bck

under a hill feature of unknown origin

5 bck

known as ‘The Domen’, (‘mound’)

6 bck

Both ‘The City’ & ‘The Domen’ are form part of the local Green Bridges action plan.

The Wassailing honours & is intended to ‘wake-up’ the Apple Trees. It occurs as an informal outdoor celebration in which the trees are literally ‘toasted’ (with toast), dowsed in cider & subject to raucous noise and singing.

2 W20

5 W20

6 W20

Celebrations, which began before the wassailers began their journey through the orchards, continue after the formalities have completed.

These initial community based celebrations and meetings produced 2 proposed Green Bridges actions:

The Sarn Oaks

The Progress: Of Earth & Air

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