Trajectory: Initial Actions

On December 8th 2020 a presentation outlined a process for the next period of action.

A December 2020 – March 2021 Programme

The presentation is available as full page here


The winter programme aimed at developing aspects of the programme that would have featured in physical meetings.

The first exercise began the process of developing & enhancing the work of ‘Green Way’ routes that partners had developed during 2020.

The exercise can been seen as full page here

Action during November & December 2020

The composition of the Interim Report assisted in developing a whole project review.

During November and December work programmes wwere ‘revisited’ & issues raised during the project’s first year re-examined.

Most are contained in the documents: Here & Here

Considering whole-partnership responses to the project included

  • examining issues and considering ways local action & partnership productions have embedded the partnership core principles.
  • creating activities related to the core principles & capable of achievement within the continuing restrictive contexts

The (virtual) Partnership meeting on December 8th presented the intentions

The report is available as a full page here

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