Creativity & Coherence

Encouraging ingenuity, Ensuring integrity

The pandemic has created unexpected challenges – one of which is, for the coordinating agency the responsibility of managing the difficulties and opportunities that occur in such times.

In March, after the imposition of isolation for all partners, Pathways, as coordinating agency, began considering ways in which the project could evolve during a lengthy period of practical inactivity.

The process was greatly aided in April by the contribution of the Italian Reflections followed by the ‘Romania and Iasi in pandemic times – short overview’.

Partners have demonstrated their commitment with such work & by their responses to the first Interim Report.

The group established by Pathways : the Project Consultative Group (PCG) has overseen the development of charts and statements designed to provide a framework coherent with the core environmental concerns of the project.

The Process

There are a series of diagrams which form a collective statement. These existed for use during the partnership UK March workshop and received further development during April.

A draft version was circulated to partners in early May.

The whole diagram (below) provides a basis for ensuring

  • any project development or activity is coherent with the original purposes of the project
  • a context in which the educational aspects of the project action are developed
  • opportunities for groups or individuals for innovative input into the the project

The elements with the diagram evolved — the following being an example which became highly relevant after the presentation of the Italian Reflections

The other elements developed in similar fashion with the creation of the final version

The pandemic has thus created some new opportunities to further expand & deepen the work of the project.

The final version was distributed to partners and can be viewed as whole page:

or viewed below

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