Partner Activity Reports: Autumn 2020

The partner web pages contain a range of material provided by partners.

In the autumn of 2020 during a series of monthly whole partnership meetings, each partner made a presentation of their recent work (occurring between June & October).

The project aims & objectives provided the terms of the presentation.

The nature of the presentation was a local decision & thus they provide insight into the underlying strengths, intentions & purposes of each partner.

ICRE: Spilinga, Calabria, Italia

This presentation is the most explicit in expounding the core environmental concerns that created the Green Bridges project. This report complements earlier work (Spring 2020) in which the pandemic was viewed from an environmental perspective.

The original presentation shown included video from a drone camera. The presentation below is a summary.

KAVB: Kaunas, Lietuva

There were 2 presentations from KAVB

They present a situation in which the partner managers have created and fully entered into a journey of discovery & revelation of environment, people, places and ideas. They indicate that KAVB has a very considerable number of options for development of their work – all of which are fully in line with the underlying environmental purposes of the project

View August activities as a full page:

ASIE: Iasi, România

The presentation from ASIE in Iasi provided brief summaries of actions (including earlier in the project) & some developing local connections.

Sastamalan Kaupunki, Suomi

The Finnish partner is the only one able to function reasonably normally …… and plan &
deliver an event that was planned at the start of the project.

The report from the Community College in Sastamala focused on a new venture undertaken in autumn 2020 – and capable of further development.

Fundacja Parasol: Poznań, Polska

The pandemic, arrived at the same time as Parasol became a member of the partnership. This compounded the initial difficulty of being a replacement partner not present in the initial stages of the project. The impact left 2 managers without their volunteers. The presentation (November 5th 2020) caused considerable interest to the partnership due to its focus on the developing social action on the streets of many towns and cities.

Apparently not relevant to the project – except that the PiS government has caused previous demonstrations due to its damaging environmental policies – in relation to the uncontrolled destruction of Białowieża Forest & disputes with the EU relating to coal based energy production.

If a government cannot treat its people correctly what hope is there for the natural world….. The demonstrations in November 2020 appear to have a multitude of causes.

Pathways I.D.: Mid Wales, UK

The UK report, very limited in scope and action, underscores one specific aim: ‘connecting people & place, people & community’….. which may also explain why the group is coordinating the partnership.

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