The Pestilential Season: 21 months on

The following section was published on 20th March 2020.

This page was created on 30th December 2021 (the last day for submission of the Final Report on the Green Bridges project, 60 days after the project finished)

During the optimistically entitled ‘pestilential season’ Pathways ID managed only one fully attended planning meeting. All other meetings were with task specific smaller groups.

At present (Dec 30th ’21) restrictions on meetings are again in place in Wales, Scotland & N Ireland & despite no formal requirement in England many people avoid group meetings in enclosed spaces (ie ‘indoors’ in homes, pubs, community centres) & crowded outdoor spaces (eg shopping centres).

Restrictions have also been reintroduced in many other European countries


The Pestilential Season

In March 2020 all practical plans for the project were suspended due to the actions taken to try and contain the effects of the Coronavirus: ‘Covid 19’. Meetings and gatherings were prevented by official edict in some partner countries & in the UK by government recommendation.

On the day when a workshop was due to have begun in Bishop’s Castle most of the UK group managed to meet – probably for the last time for several months. The enjoyed food and drink in an almost deserted Three Tuns Inn. The atmosphere at the meeting was very lighthearted – we all knew we were at the start of a lengthy period of isolation & uncertainty.

last meting 16th march

On Thursday 19th March “Private Eye”, the UK’s leading satirical magazine, captured the nature of the event a in a cartoon:

……. and with a remarkably intuitive mirroring of the actions of David Hemsley in Bishop’s Castle on Monday. The magazine also included a number of other virus related cartoons, for example:

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