O6: Practical Skills

“Our need will be the real creator”

Plato: Republic

Output 6 is concerned with skills: “publicly demonstrable practical skills”

The partners discovered new experiences & developed new skills.

They were not as expected – which originally would have been worked through with groups of participants from local communities.

Due to the pandemic, arose the need to develop the Green Bridges project in ways unexpected and partners were inventive

There were Specific Skills: “Outputs” related to

ICT technologies: partners enhanced existing & developed new skills 

Mapping processes: Gradual development of such skills but limited development in part due to the inability to hold physical meeting where specific activities would have occurred  (experiential: involving group physical explorations)

It was with the less specific soft-skills that partners developed & important outcomes.

The ‘Outcomes’ achieved by the managers & facilitators were without external direction & began from a sense of ‘care-for-others’, as response to the shock of the pandemic. One partner suggested collecting writing – other followed. An internally generated process of shared learning.

Later in the project progress the outcomes emerged from the developing skill base occurring with the production of the Tangible Outputs.

Sustaining the project through the pandemic required the use and development of a range of techniques – not all obviously ‘tangible’ but still involving learning processes & producing practical outcomes.

Outcomes developed from practical experiences:

The most significant was

Serendipitous Adaptability

Learning how to wisely assess and wisely use unexpected opportunity.

For some, it is instinctive; for others, it may require confidence building;
for all it can become a powerful methodology.


  • Building from failure
  • Collective Working in groups


  • Listening
  • Counselling
  • Negotiating


  • Natural environment 
  • Built & social heritage
  • Others – societies (eg the ‘European Dimension’) & species

All of these (and more) were important elements in what the partners were learning. They are important features of the ‘Pig on a Tricycle’ approach to informal experiential learning.

KAVB reported that project research ‘opened up’ their understanding of the details of the locality

One member of one of their activities sat on a hill overlooking the railway station speculating on the enforced transport of Kaunas inhabitants (to Siberia) in the late 1940s.

Small moments encapsulating awareness upon which a ‘competence’ (of helping other reflect and understand) may be built.

ASIE’s experiments & exploration by staff in the freedom period of 2020 had a major impact on their awareness & increased confidence & competence in developing such work.

FI began developing courses that focused on the fine natural detail of localities within which activities occur

UK investigated ways and means of engaging greater local interest & involvement in exploring & conserving important natural features in their rural vicinity.

Partner comments


“We improved our ICT skills by organising online educations, workshops and lectures. At the same time the form of events have changed – the library has never organised so many online activities.

Also the form of meetings with project partners and working in groups have changed into online meetings. It seems that because of these changes the flow of information became faster and wider. So it made and impact to our creativity and ability to react quicker and adapt to different conditions.”

Pathways: UK

“IT skills relating to virtual meetings & In particular operating Zoom

Project management”

Sastamala Opisto: FI

“The covid pandemic created an exceptional situation for the project. As the meetings and many of the activities could not be organized in the intended way, the project partners were encouraged to invoke creativeness in creating alternative ways of working. Creativeness can be seen as one of the practical soft skills born out of the project. Also communication and negotiation skills have been enhanced, as the situations have varied between partner countries and the project procedure has not been traditional.

The Green Bridges activities organized by Sastamala Community College have strengthened the college’s own selection of nature-based courses and activities. The activities have also developed people’s concrete skills in yoga, mindfulness, herbal and nature knowledge and deepened their sense of connecting with the nature.”


“The pandemy has limited our action,but we didn’t give up and we transformed our work. With the help of the web we contacted schools, experts and teachers creating a collaboration at a distance”


“At organizational level, all the members of ASIE have definitely improved their skills of any kind, starting from the basic IC&T skills required by the forced pandemic quarantine for communication until the digital skills required by the creation of the GrBr’s outcomes; e.g. the Google Map (tracking, uploading, recording).

Reciprocal learning: Both ASIE and its stakeholders have acquired new things and the things ASIE has learnt from its European partners have been distributed further to its stakeholders.”

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