The Future

Some outline plans & intentions

The work of the Green Bridges Project relates to many other similar initiatives both in Europe & globally.

The purpose of the EU funded project was

Developing social cohesion & wellbeing by creating routes & bridges between people, places, communities & the natural environment

These principles remain – increasing awareness & working towards a necessary balance & well being for all elements of the environment.

The Welsh phrase “dod yn ôl at fy nghoed”, meaning “to return to a balanced state of mind”, literally translates as “to return to my trees”.

At the end of the formal Green Bridges Project all partners had outlined ways in which developments begun during the EU funded programme would continue.

FI: Sastamalan Opisto

The programmes created and used during the project would become part of a developing interest in Environmental activities within the College


The development of the environmental & heritage conservation in the Valley of the Mills has continued since the project finished with ICRE gaining further support from local authorities continue (due in part to the success of the project final meeting in Spilinga).

Practical actions included further work on path maintenance & publicity.


The various plans produced during the project will be used as part of the community outreach programmes provided by the library service.

The project has also allowed the Central Library to become engaged in developing community awareness of areas of the city woodland that are comparatively neglected. Developing cross-community initiatives will be an area to be further explored.

PL: Parasol

When the Adult education classes are able to return to full functionality, it is intended that Parasol, will develop voluntary activities related to increasing public support for the Meteor Park, possibly linked in with Art and photography initiatives.


The development of the link with Codrii Iasilor has been very important and this link will further develop ‘Green Bridges’ style actions.

UK: Pathways ID

The links with heritage & landscape projects in Mid Wales that occurred during the autumn of 2021 have created action for late winter & Spring 2022.

Work is continuing with local supporters of the Green Bridges Project on the community ideas as originally planned


ICRE, Pathways ID & KAVB agreed to maintain formal connections that will provide mutual support for the practical actions that are presently developing.

Other partners have expressed interest in joining the group. Being members of group that has already established practical activities should assist new members in creating plans with a practical focus.

The use of video conferencing that was required during the project has enhanced the skills of all involved and also resulted in a greater understanding of the way in which such technologies can assist international action.

This section of the web site will contain further information as work develops during 2022.

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