Developing Creative Activities (O5)

Creative Activities are the core element of the whole project purpose

The Green Bridges project aims at creating greater environmental awareness & providing opportunities for groups and individuals to benefit from processes that develop such awareness.

The table was used as a means of self & group assessment of proposed activities.

Partnership work was established according to the following criteria.

The partners developed programmes related to their ‘Green Ways’ that provided such opportunities.

Initial ideas and plans were presented to a Partnership Workshop in April 2021
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The Partnership Development Process

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Creative Activities require an ‘Informal Educational Style’.

This is summarised in the following diagram – which contains a musical link to a tune whose title is entirely appropriate for the whole relaxed & ‘fun’ approach that informal education requires.

The tune that provided the metaphor for ‘informal education processes’ was created & played by John Kirkpatrick, one of the UK’s leading experts (& authority) on traditional ‘folk’ music.

The partners were requested to present their ideas and proposals at a Workshop meeting – using the following tables as a mans of making a self-assessment.

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