Festive Expressions: An Interlude


Scutecele Domnului,


& hand raised pork pies

From the Green Bridges partnership, some recipes and decorations from the Christmas midwinter festival.

From Finland came three recipes:

The first is specifically a Christmas-tide recipe

A nice balance provided from ASIE…. ‘God’s Nappies’ (the British term for a ‘diaper’)

…. and added decorations from Kaunas…. with bread for the ever present unseen participants that surround as during festive times…. the ‘ghosts of the dead’

In Poland the creation of small gingerbread biscuits is popular:

In Calabria – a Christmas pizza:

The UK has a tradition of pie making – and Christmas usually includes such food:

These were originally raised by hand using old-fashioned wooden pie moulds but, in the 21st century, deep muffin tins make everything so much simpler.

In UK there are 2 important traditional foods:

Christmas cake (a fruit cake in which the making can allow for whole family involvement)

and a Christmas Pudding

The sharing of festive items was agreed as a means of developing partnership links fractured by the impact of the Covid 19 virus.

By the end of 2020 it was clear that the possibility of physical meetings of the partnership would continue to be more ‘dream than reality’.

The partners therefore agreed, as a means of expressing a sense of togetherness existing beyond our localities, a partnership sharing of some aspects of local culture.

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