Planning Green Bridges Action: The Valley of the Water Mills


The slopes of the hills around Spilinga are cut by deep river valleys. ICRE have planned a series of routes that explore the ridges and valleys.

IT GrBr route map
One is particularly special containing historical sites and unique flora and fauna.
ICRE has, as part of its mission, the aim of protecting and developing this valley through engaging local people.

The route is shown as blue on the above map

IT Blue Route

La Valle dei Mulini

“There are the remains of nine Mills, whose origin dates back approximately to the 7th-10th century. Were refined and enhanced during the Arab invasions. Until the 50s, Mills represented an important economic resource for the country. They were connected with urban agglomerations by mule trails on foot or riding a donkey. The mills were working and meeting centers. We milled around corn, barley, wheat, beans, field beans, chick peas, acorns. The ground was essential for the livelihood of people and animals and the payment was always in nature (the so-called “tenth”).”

Now most are ruins and have disappeared, covered by rampant vegetation.


ICRE is using the opportunity that the Green Bridges project provides to both protect the ruins and the unique natural environment of the valley.



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