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Note: December 2021

This page was created in January 2020 before the impact of the pandemic. The intentions of this page (as described below) were not realised.

As partners had made rapid developments with initial phases of their work information related to these actions is attached to each partner page. In some cases later work was also added as sub menus.

The pandemic required major changes to the progress and development of the project. Consequently much of the material produced by partners is placed in the Progress, Development & Tangible Output sections of the web site.


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Working on locally specific aspects of the programme the partnerships aims
To create a sustainable resource of publicly usable trails that

  • provide users with opportunities to experience & deepen their sense of understanding & appreciation of the natural world upon which human society is constructed.
  • develops an enhanced relationship of respect and care between participants & natural environment

The work in each partner locality provides the core of the project. Meetings and workshops occur throughout the project to allow partners to coordinate their activities, improve skills and understandings required to achieve effective results and outcomes & to develop, through knowledge of each others context, a sense of corporate purpose.

Each meeting is recorded in sections linked to this page

The Core Relationships
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