Exploring the Green Way in Iași

November 28th-29th 2019

As part of the first Green Bridges partnership meeting, members of A.S.I.E led the partners around the site of the Repedea reserve.

The map of the nature reserve Repedea Hill Fossil Site

rpvis 1 

Wandering along the declared natural reserve with no access control at all. Everyone is free to see, use and touch everything they see.

rpvis 2

Discovering the caves- natural cavities formed underneath the surface in porous limestone that can range in length and depth. Many of these caves aren’t accessible anymore due to degradation.

rpvis 3



The partners created a human bridge in the spirit of the project

rpvis 4

rpvis 5


The most quiet place for different activities and exercises to connect with nature, to heal

rpvis 6           

Partners engaged all their 5 senses and felt the energetic charge of the area

rpvis 7

There’s no WiFi in the forest……………

rpvis 8    ………..but I promise you’ll find a better connection. (Zic tradițional Iași)

A human connection…and a better way to get off a hill safely 😊

rpvis 9

Nature has brought us together, nature has connected 6 teams of 6 countries, nature energised us after a fruitful morning working session.

rpvis 10


“The great thing about new friends is that they bring new energy to your soul.” 
(Shanna Rodriguez: Fashion photographer & blogger)

rpvis 11


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